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Architectural Vision 

Indy Parks and Recreation has appointed Meticulous Design + Architecture (Meticulous) to revive and commence work on the Frederick Douglass Park Family Center project. Design firm Moody Nolan completed an in-depth process of community engagement, concept design, and schematic design for a new modern 21st-century facility befitting the growing needs of the Martindale-Brightwood area.

The initial output by Moody Nolan, in working with Indy Parks and Recreation and Frederick Douglass Park Family Center staff, provided a preliminary construction program and an initial cost estimate. Two community meetings followed, informing the general public while engaging their support in the building of the new center design. Moody Nolan received feedback from these open gatherings and used it to influence the design ideas and concepts.

Using the existing designs as a guide and starting point, Meticulous is now leading a diverse and inclusive design team including Moody Nolan to see the new family center project to fruition. Meticulous will continue the community's participation, obtaining feedback for critical needs, updating the previous option, and ultimately reflect the Advisory Committee and Community Stakeholders' comprehensive input. 

View Moody Nolan 2012 Family Center Design




During this phase we will validate and adjust the building program after hearing from you about needs and changes.



During this phase we will complete the design and construction drawings according to the new program.



Construction of the New Facility


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METICULOUS is a collaborative practice of architecture, planning, and construction management. Their initial design-build focus afforded early opportunities and recognized success on commercial and residential projects for notable clients nationally and abroad.

Their firm is a partnership of architects, expert design practitioners, and committed business professionals. They pursue a creative practice focused on innovation, exploration, and expert craftsmanship across the disciplines of Design, Architecture, Planning, Construction Management, and New Methods of Building. The sum of their pursuit is METICULOUS DESIGN + ARCHITECTURE.


Moody Nolan is the largest African-American-owned and managed firm in the country. They maintain a strong commitment to diversity in their staff, as well as their approach to solving client problems. Their expertise in a broad range of industries, allows them to think inventively and design solutions that are responsive to client needs.


Engaging Solutions is an award-winning management consulting firm, that specializes in Stakeholder Engagement, Contact Centers, Diversity Services, Fiscal Management and Accountability, and Compliance Monitoring, Engaging Solutions will lead the community outreach and engagement process with the support of the full Meticulous Team. Their depth of experience at facilitating stakeholder engagement processes will ensure the plan's vision and decisions reflect inclusive and comprehensive citizen participation.

Project Team
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